PhD Day 2021

PhD Day 2021
Humanity’s Greatest Challenges

Global Health and the Environmental Crisis

When: 11/11/2021
Where: Lundbeckfond auditorium
Ole Maaløes Vej 5
2100 København

About The PhD Day

Phd Day is a scientific conference organized by PhD students at the Department of Biology of the University of Copenhagen. This annual event is an opportunity for PhD students to present their research to peers and researchers, and broaden their current research and career perspectives. Also, the program is designed for illustrious scientists to share their research activities and significant findings.

Objectives for PhD Day

  • Dissemination

    A central aim is the dissemination of own research to a broad audience with biological background. As part of this, each participant, whether giving a talk or presenting a poster, is encourage to join in constructive discussions and dialogue.

  • Networking

    The event seeks to stimulate networking and novel interdisciplinary collaborations. It is therefore most conducive that this day includes a broad range of staff members, including BSc and MSc students, PhD students, junior researchers, VIPs and TAPs.

  • Communication

    As a significant social and scientific event, the PhD Day aims to both bridge the gap between research groups and sections as well as strengthen the spirit of community among the PhD students.

  • Fellowship

    By offering a feature on communication of science and  by the above mentioned aims the PhD Day seeks to support the PhD students’ work and career.


Q: Who can attend?
A: Anyone at KU BIO

Q: Does my poster/talk have to be related to the topic?
A: No, not at all!

Q: When is it?
A: 11/11/2021

Q: Where is it?
A: Lundbeckfond auditorium

Q: Do I have to pay for the dinner?
A: No it is on us 🙂

Further questions?
Contact us at:

Outline of the day:

The day will be comprised of scientific presentations and networking/poster sessions. Finishing with a prize giving for best talk and poster followed by dinner (on us) then ending with a party at mBar!

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