Meet the Organizers

Gabriel Ferreira is a PhD student at the Marine Biology section at the University of Copenhagen. As a marine biologist, he is greatly interested in marine photosynthetic symbiosis and remote sensing. He worked with symbiotic anemonies and photosynthesis sacoglossan sea slugs, and currently, he is studying the role of host fluorescent pigments on photosynthesis and optics in corals.

Rob Murphy is a Population Geneticist interested in the distribution of antimicrobial and antimicrobial resistance genes across wild animals and ecosystems. His PhD project focuses on exploring diversity and composition of biosynthetic gene clusters and the resulting activity of the produced antimicrobial secondary metabolites within the fungus-farming termite symbiosis. This symbiosis emerged 30 mya as one of the most successful plant degrading mutualistic relationships and suffers no specialized disease. The overall goal is to explore how this homogeneous symbiosis achieves this disease free status.

Lucas León Peralta Ogorek is a PhD student at the Freshwater Biological Laboratory. After working 10 years in industries, he decided to move to academia searching for a more impactful work. Currently, he is working with a waterlogging tolerance trait of rice plants known as the barrier to radial oxygen loss. The focus is identifying other beneficial aspects of the barrier such as protection from phytotoxins intrusion but also protective aspects of the barrier under other stresses such as drought, related to water loss prevention from the roots.

So-hyun Park is a PhD student at the section of Functional Genomics at the University of Copenhagen. With the interests in understanding genomic errors and chromosome instability affecting human life longevity and disorders, she is working on finding a role of particular DNA helicase encoded by ZGRF1 gene which could potentially target cancers and hot-water epilepsy therapeutically.

Sanne Moedt is an Arctic Ecologist specializing in the study of freshwater ecosystems and their response to climate change. Currently, she is focusing on primary producers in lakes and ponds in Greenland. Her project seeks to extend our knowledge of how phytoplankton and microbial mat communities, which form the base of the aquatic food web, respond to changing environmental conditions. She is also a board member of APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) Denmark, an organization that connects young polar scientists from Denmark and beyond.

Marie Fischer is a Biotechnologist specialized in the utilization of plant-associated microbiomes for plant growth promotion. Her PhD is part of the MATRIX (Microbiome assisted Triticum resilience in X dimensions) program, where she studies the taxonomic diversity and functional potential of the wheat phyllosphere microbiome.

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Marta Baumane has recently started her PhD at the Freshwater Biology Section. The main focus of her PhD project is set on restored wetlands. Within the project, Marta is going to assess how changes in hydrology and management regime affect biodiversity and how plant functional composition influences greenhouse gas exchange in restored wetlands in three river catchments in Denmark.